Sunday, November 1, 2009

Return from Salt Lake City

Well I have just returned this evening from the genealogy Mecca, Salt Lake City. I spent 6 great days working at the LDS Family History Library. I was one of the attendees of the Swedish American Genealogist Conference which is held each year for the benefit of the subscribers to The Swedish American Genealogist.

Here is a word to the wise. First the minute you return from a fabulous research trip transfer all your finds from your flash drive to a hard drive and then to a permanent CD/DVD. I found out the hard way. 1 week of work lost because my flash drive died without warning. I will be able to find most of the information without too much trouble because I do have a copy of my scratchy notes and my excel file with the index pages on it. Second take 10 minutes everyday to find one thing on your family, it keeps you grounded.

Happy Thanksgiving all.