Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spreading Swedish Genealogy

This past Sunday I spent the afternoon working with 4 Swedes, all looking for their ancestors. I got a great thrill out of helping each of them find a bit of their past. We had some success and some failure. It is like being on a great adventure or scavenger hunt to a place I have never been before.
Some people ask why I get so excited when someone else makes a discovery that I have helped them with, and I have to say, its the thrill I feel when we are all brought a little closer together. The ships lists were again the object of our quest.
I thought maybe someone might benifit by using the process that we followed to find our ships lists.
1. Established the year of emigration from the US 1900 or 1910 Census.
2. Checked Emibas for the emigration for that person with the year of birth and
year of emigration.
3. Checked the Swedish Parish records indicated on Emibas to confirm the
or family of the individual we were seeking.
4. Used Ancestry to search the US passenger lists. First by only searching for
the name of the person, then narrowing it by year of immigration, and then
by year of birth. We had problems with the ancestry search if the orginal
search was very restrictive. We got few or no results.
5. If our individual was not found, we searched Emihamm for the Larson Brother's
Gothenborg records.
6. We then used Stevemorse.org to search the individual port records for NY,
Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. (We found all our emigrants in these
ports but others are available).
7. Once we had the orginal record we went back to Ancestry.com and created a PDF
from the image in 11 x 17 format.

Some records were easier than others. One only took 3 of the steps, another took all and a bit more to find him. But in the end a bit of creative interpetation of handwriting and spellings and we had all the immigrants. We also went to norwayheritage.com to look at the images of ships.
I hope this helps someone in their quest for finding their Swedish passenger lists.

Happy Heritage Hunting

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